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The images found in my gallery are requests and paid commissions by artists who are infinitely better than I am at drawing.

Random from Commissions and Requests

This Collection contains all the Commissions and requests I have made.



Story Request List

I'm taking requests for stories, as well as vague ideas that can be molded into something more:

1. :icon5gator5: : Lilith and Kallen Blueberry expansion
2. :icondeath5421: Bursting with Jobs (several ideas)

The Great Commissions List V3.0

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 3, 2014, 11:18 PM

Come hell or high water, I will make a coherent entry with all the images I've commissioned, and it won't be a mile long.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day :)  There is no order to this, and just click on the picture to see the full size and the artist:

Bursting with Pride [By hinomars19] by Pharaoh-SauronNot Again... [By hinomars19] by Pharaoh-SauronDefinitely Not Pads... (By hinomars19) by Pharaoh-SauronTwo D's and an F [By hinomars19] by Pharaoh-SauronChifusa Manyuu Cowgirl TF [By Da-Fuze] by Pharaoh-SauronHuge Tracts of Land by Pharaoh-SauronAki Izayoi and the 5Bs by Pharaoh-SauronCensored Miltanks by Pharaoh-SauronKallen's Airbags by Pharaoh-SauronFrench Bunny by Pharaoh-SauronEmperor's New... by Pharaoh-SauronSakuya Izayoi by Pharaoh-SauronAki Izayoi by Pharaoh-SauronMy OC Lillith by Pharaoh-SauronLilith Character Sheet by Pharaoh-SauronBodysuit Trio by Pharaoh-SauronTrick or Treat, Plebeian! by Pharaoh-SauronHappy Halloween! by Pharaoh-SauronKallen By Zdemian by Pharaoh-SauronLilith Cow By Zdemian by Pharaoh-SauronLilith Expansion By Allymoodyneko by Pharaoh-SauronThe Izayois in: Air vs. Water by Pharaoh-SauronPunishment? by Pharaoh-SauronNeeds a New Uniform by Pharaoh-SauronThe Emperor by Pharaoh-SauronKallen Vs Aki by EscapefromExpansionKallen and Sakuya by JcdrCM-- Chifusa by SaburoXCommission - Bride Saber by NikoHLovely Bunny by EscapefromExpansionSaber Extra [Commissioned] by TastyC0l0rsTaki for Pharaoh-Sauron by CerberusLives Chifusa - Mega Milk Juice!!! - COM by alorok(COM) Manmoo Hikenmoo pg 1 by Oxdarock(COM) Manmoo Hikenmoo pg 2 by Oxdarock(COM) Manmoo Hikenmoo pg 3 by OxdarockCMSN: Kowllen and Shicowza by elek-tronikz:thumb490635178: CMSN: The Emperor (Needs) New Clothes by elek-tronikz :thumb490945045: Nu-13 in romance by EscapefromExpansionSaber Waifu by Jcdr Commission - Chifusa Manyuu by NikoH CM-- Lilith by SaburoX Lilith and Kallen - [Commission] by BurningGreenFireCMSN: While the Mistress is Away by elek-tronikz Makoto vs Bullet by EscapefromExpansion {CM} To Green Pastures and Back by PaunChee Asuka's Challenge - [Commission] by BurningGreenFireLilith's invitation by Pyxxyl Pharaoh-Sauron Commission by vonBlargh Commish: Buffet? More Like... Nah, I Got Nothin' by Axlwisp [COM] Mentos by Lollie-splosionSaber Bribelly! by BellyGames :thumb494908333: Chifusa by Jcdr CM ''Stress'' Testing by FetishEngineeringLilith Icon by Nirriti72 Lilith Pin-up by Nirriti72 Lilith by sirat111 Pharoah - Lillith Ref by Jay-Marvel Pharaoh-Sauron Commission by XTenchiX Comm: Lilith by RustAndBolts CMSN: Neon Genesis Evanberryon by elek-tronikz (COM) Bloat Up Buddies by Oxdarock (COM) Which Waitress by Oxdarock(COM) Same Time Next Week by Oxdarock Lilith Transforms! by solios Lilith Casual by EscapefromExpansion Lilith Suit by EscapefromExpansionLilith Devil by EscapefromExpansion Liliths by Jcdr CMSN: Roman Prosperity by elek-tronikz Bridal Saber by MetalbolicComm: Air Marshal by TheMisterStupid Commission - Lilith by NikoH Commission from Pharaoh-Sauron by BleachedKitten CMSN: Self-Contained Milkmaids by elek-tronikzCommission: Lilith's Tumid Tummy by Sidkid44Casual Lilith by Pharaoh-SauronBodysuit Lilith by Pharaoh-SauronBodysuit Buddies By Xtenchix by Pharaoh-SauronWachitapoke Copia By Rhemora by Pharaoh-SauronWachitapokecatsuit4 By Rhemora by Pharaoh-SauronLilith and Kallen By Jay Marvel by Pharaoh-SauronWind and Shadow By Jay Marvel by Pharaoh-SauronMilk Maids By Jay Marvel by Pharaoh-SauronBest Friends By BAVARELL by Pharaoh-SauronBuff Lilith By Jjvanhossen by Pharaoh-SauronHot Yoga Reaction By Jjvanhossen by Pharaoh-SauronBest Friends EVER By Jjvanhossen by Pharaoh-SauronBallooning Buddies By Jjvanhossen by Pharaoh-SauronLilith- commission by ShykidzStudioSCMM.Lilith by huieiiCOM: Moo-ving my boobs! by UllamaliztlihALLOween - Lilith and Cheyl- Pumpkins! by alorok$10 Comm - Charlotte Dunois by sonier103Lilith Emofuri 1 By Jjvanhossen by Pharaoh-SauronBrace Position by 0pik-0orthALLOween - COM - Lilith Demonic Popper by alorokA Full Moon? by VelvetExplosion<da:thumb id="501470190"/>{CM} Cola Conqueror by PaunCheeYuuka by Jcdr$ 10 Comm - Kallen by sonier103$ 10 Comm - Saber Bride by sonier103Lilimoo by JcdrCMSN: Straight from the Source by elek-tronikzLilith by NewStuff4UStuffed Kallen by NewStuff4UMother of the Earth by NewStuff4ULilith Chibi by EscapefromExpansionCommission for Pharaoh-Sauron 2 by BAVARELLCommission for Pharaoh-Sauron by BAVARELL[CM]Saber The Gluttonous Bride by JayPiscesJuggalos Applicant: Lillith by SpiralingStaircaseBreast Friends by Wotno1Commission: Kallen and Lilith by crosscutterCM - Meushi Lilith by OfaMightDivineMeushi Lilith by Xano501Meushi Lilith (nude) by Xano501Lilith by Akiranime by Pharaoh-SauronZipper Issues By Ein457 by Pharaoh-SauronLillith and Cammy by Jay-Marvel(COM) A Weekend Together by OxdarockSaber by Jay-MarvelCM-- Rikku by SaburoXBlueberry Run by SirWigglesCommission: Lilith and Arla's Video Tape Venture by Sidkid44Lillith, Asuka, and Rei by Jay-MarvelLilith By Jay-Marvel by Pharaoh-Sauron(COM) A Relaxing Shower Together by Oxdarock(COM) Free Milking by OxdarockRunners By BAVARELL by Pharaoh-SauronLillith: Taki Sensei by Jay-MarvelLillith by Jay-MarvelDance, Baby, Dance! By BAVARELL by Pharaoh-SauronCommission:Cows in suits? by BokcutterEmperor and Praetor By BAVARELL by Pharaoh-SauronLatex Buddies By BAVARELL by Pharaoh-SauronField Test By LillyVaine by Pharaoh-SauronJuggaLillith by RiddleAugustSquiggLillith by RiddleAugustUdder Lillith by RiddleAugustLilith and Kallen by deztyleLilith by deztyleLilith got milk 1/4 by okayokayokokLilith got milk 2/4 by okayokayokokLilith got milk 3/4 by okayokayokokLilith got milk 4/4 by okayokayokok:Commission: Lilith! by DotintheParadoxCM-- Lilith II by SaburoXCommission: Girls with Snow by BokcutterCOMMISSION: LILITH_CASUAL_HOODIE by papillonstudioLilith and Kallen by Kojiro-Brushard[CM] Was it Really a Mistake? by A0IISA.:Lilith sweet night:. by Oppai-no-megamiCM: Milky Lilith~ by LilLuma55Lillith Bust Shot by Oxdarock(Patreon COM) Bridal Approval by OxdarockCommission: Mii and Chifusa by crosscutterBlueberry Vines by 0pik-0ortThe Red Jumpsuit by oXoCandyKissesoXoCM: Lilith and Kallen~ by LilLuma55CM-- Ashley Graham by SaburoXBelly Buds (CM) by rikuganAudience by oXoCandyKissesoXoPharaoh-Sauron Commission by robinieckComm : Lilith Posing~ by RoseGoldGleamComm : True Lilith by RoseGoldGleamPharaoh-Sauron Berry Commission 1 by robinieckPharaoh-Sauron Berry Commission 2 by robinieckPharaoh-Sauron Berry Commission 3 by robinieckPharaoh-Sauron Berry Commission 4 by robinieckComm : Casual Gamer Galz by RoseGoldGleam[comm] Bodyslam by TheNeverWereLilith (CM) by rikuganStuffing Contest by Vale-cityComm : Too Big For The Beach~ by RoseGoldGleamComm : Ladies Night Out~ by RoseGoldGleamComm - Getting comfortable in there, yet? by sonier103Comm : Voluptuous Vixens~ by RoseGoldGleamLillith by RiddleAugustLillith (Headshot) by RiddleAugust

:iconallymoodyneko: Donation Series: starring Lilith and Kallen!
Donation Inflation 5! Page 1 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 2 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 3 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 4 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 5 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 6 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 7 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 8 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 9 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 10 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 11 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 12 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 13 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 14 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 15 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 16 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 17 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 18 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 19 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 20 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 21 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 22 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 23 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 24 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 25 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 26 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 27 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 28 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 29 by AllyMoodyNekoDonation Inflation 5! Page 30 by AllyMoodyNeko

Pending Commissions (Either a WIP or not yet posted): 

:iconalorok: three more Lilith Horror commissions

:iconjassycoco: Casual Lilith, Saber Bride

:iconbrandinflateasy: Lilith and Brandi inflation competition

:iconmookierific: Casual and inflated Lilith, Kallen and Aki expanding

:iconqueenheartchan: Chun-li/Tina Armstrong Inflate-Off, expanded Mii

:iconrollingcutter: Kallen expansion

:iconinflatorpill: Kallen bloating

:iconkenj: Casual Lilith, Meushi Lilith in bodysuit

:iconh-panda: Lilith and “Arla,” expanded Lilith, Cowgirl Lilith, Lilith/Kallen

:iconoppai-no-megami: Doodles of cute and chubby Lilith, and nude Lilith (Plus three to be posted)

:iconphantomjac: Lilith

:iconfirst-second: Lilith/Kallen expansion

:iconallymoodyneko: Lilith in ribbed sweater

:iconwickedstar: : Meushi Lilith, Lilith out jogging

:iconmadamsquiggles: : Lilith and "Arla" Sets

:iconsirwiggles: : Cowgirl Lilith selling milk at farmer's market

:icona0iisa: : Lilith and Kallen vore; Pregnant Lilith; jogging/running Lilith; Cowgirl Lilith

:iconhinomars19: : Casual Lilith and bodysuit Kallen; Mii and Chifusa Manyuu

:iconpapillonstudio: : Bodysuit Lilith

:iconspielemental: : Aki Izayoi, Chifusa Manyuu, Lilith

:icongrim-kun: : Casual Lilith and Bodysuit Kallen

:icondoctorzexxck: Meushi Lilith; Kallen and Lilith

:iconsutibaruart: :Lilith Sequence

:iconpaunchee: : Lilith/Kallen vore

:iconlilluma55: : Cowgirl Lilith and Kallen; Lilith/Kallen Vore; Lilith blueberry

:iconoxdarock: : True Lilith bust shot, Cowgirl Lilith/Centorea conjoinment, Three-page sequence involving a conjoined Lilith and Kallen (in cooperation with :iconmagnaking: )

:iconthemisterstupid: : Expanded Lilith in winter

:iconvale-city: : Lilith/Kallen belly stuffing

:iconjaypisces: : Lilith/Kallen eating competition; Lilith/Kallen vore

:iconrosegoldgleam: : Various

:iconelek-tronikz: : Cowgirl Lilith/Kallen

:iconcobalt-renegade: : Casual/Bodysuit Lilith

:iconmkonstantinov: : Lilith casual/bodysuit Meushi Lilith

:iconbavarell: : Inflated Lilith; Tina Armstrong/Kasumi; Meushi Lilith/Shizuku Oikawa; Sakuya Izayoi inflating Meiling; School swimsuit Kallen; front-zipper swimsuit Lilith

:icongnome-oo: : Lilith inflatable cowgirl sequence

:iconcrimsonblacksun: : casual Lilith Bust shot; bodysuit Lilith full-body

:iconlordaltros: : cowgirl Lilith

:iconlilly-moo: : cowgirl Lilith in casual clothes

:iconsidkid44: : Comic

:iconfinishingstrike: Lilith Reference Sheet

Potential/Waiting list/ TBA by Artist/Waiting for commission to open/Self-Reminder:

:iconluckybucket46: :iconlakehylia: :iconartofkamina: :iconcrubat: :iconshadowpencil: :iconshylavender: (Lilith pregnant) :iconryohjiheavyindustry: Lilith/Kallen


I am the Pharaoh!
United States

After the two story requests I have queued up are complete, which of these would you prefer to see first? 

4 deviants said Conclusion to Just Desserts
4 deviants said Chifusa Manyuu blueberry cowgirl
3 deviants said Another Squig Journal Entry
3 deviants said A day in the life of a cowgirl
2 deviants said Lilith's first day at Juggalos
No deviants said A day in the life of a blueberry girl
No deviants said Other (Comment with your vague idea)


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Mar 29, 2015
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Mar 29, 2015
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Mar 29, 2015
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