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The images found in my gallery are requests and paid commissions by artists who are infinitely better than I am at drawing.

Random Favourites

I am slowly organizing my favorites into vaguely specific folders.


Here are the reasons why I'm showing off the long list of commissions I have requested from these fine artists:

    1.     I’m already getting annoyed at having to email it between my iPad and my home computer when I’m updating it at work (oh no, outside life invading work!).

    2.     A reminder to myself as to what I have pending whenever I look at my profile because, even though I can remember almost everything that has happened in history, I can barely remember what I wore two days ago.  Go figure. :)

    3.     To show off and drum up traffic, for both the artist and myself. 

These are in no particular order; no picture means it isn’t posted to either gallery yet because it isn’t done, or I can’t think of anything clever to say about it yet:

:iconcerberuslives:Taki for Pharaoh-Sauron by CerberusLives

:iconallymoodyneko:Aki Izayoi and the 5Bs by Pharaoh-Sauron Censored Miltanks by Pharaoh-Sauron

:iconalorok:Chifusa - Mega Milk Juice!!! - COM by alorok

Kallen Stadtfeld in Alorok’s massive Fruit Girl group shot

Lilith and Alorok’s OC Cheryl in a wholesome and pleasant Halloween scene, and both in costumes!

Lilith “playing” with a water balloon in a Horror piece

Lilith testing strength of a “container” with the soda and Mentos trick in a Horror piece

Lilith “testing the flexibility” of a water balloon in a Horror piece

Lilith after some of her tests got their hands on her in a Horror piece 

:iconhinomars19:Two D's and an F [By hinomars19] by Pharaoh-Sauron Definitely Not Pads... (By hinomars19) by Pharaoh-Sauron Not Again... [By hinomars19] by Pharaoh-Sauron Bursting with Pride [By hinomars19] by Pharaoh-Sauron Huge Tracts of Land by Pharaoh-Sauron Kallen's Airbags by Pharaoh-Sauron French Bunny by Pharaoh-Sauron Emperor's New... by Pharaoh-Sauron

:iconda-fuze:Chifusa Manyuu Cowgirl TF [By Da-Fuze] by Pharaoh-Sauron (Link to original in description)

:iconescapefromexpansion:Kallen Vs Aki by EscapefromExpansion Lovely Bunny by EscapefromExpansion

Makoto Nanaya and Bullet (Blazblue) in a Breast Expansion battle, Nu-13 (Blazblue) with an overinflated hourglass shape

:icontheneverwere:[commission] Beer does a bloating good by TheNeverWere [commission] Offerings to the Jungle Goddess by TheNeverWere [Commission] Go meditate it off by TheNeverWere [Commission] Ancient Dance by TheNeverWere

Mii lineart

:iconjcdr:Kallen and Sakuya by Jcdr

Half-body of Saber Bride and Chifusa Manyuu

:iconsaburox:CM-- Chifusa by SaburoX

Expanded casual Lilith and busty hourglass robed Lilith

Commission - Bride Saber by NikoH

Chifusa Manyuu Flat color pin-up

:icontastyc0l0rs:Saber Extra [Commissioned] by TastyC0l0rs Asuka Langley Shikinami [Commissioned] by TastyC0l0rs

:iconoxdarock:(COM) Manmoo Hikenmoo pg 1 by Oxdarock (COM) Manmoo Hikenmoo pg 2 by Oxdarock (COM) Manmoo Hikenmoo pg 3 by Oxdarock

:iconelek-tronikz:CMSN: Kowllen and Shicowza by elek-tronikz CMSN: The Emperor (Needs) New Clothes by elek-tronikz

Sakuya and Meiling expansion

:iconjassycoco:Sakuya Izayoi by Pharaoh-Sauron Aki Izayoi by Pharaoh-Sauron

:iconrollingcutter: : Kallen Stadtfeld expansion

:iconinflatorpill: : Kallen Stadtfeld extreme bloating

:iconphoenix-fightmaster: : Sakuya Izayoi and Aki Izayoi in a Belly Inflation completion between themselves

:iconsonier103: : Kallen Stadtfeld belly overstuffed with pizza, Charlotte Dunois inflating herself with water, Saber Bride severe bloating due to massive soda chugging

:iconwickedstar: : Lilith trick-or-treating in Saber Bride outfit, Lilith in her ancient black robes

:iconqueenheartchan: : Chun-Li and Tina Armstrong Inflate-Off, Mii (Jungle de Ikou!) as an “agitated soda and Mentos container” (patent pending :) )

:iconriddleaellinea: : Lilith four-pose character reference: Normal in casual clothes, massively pregnant in casual clothes, inflated in a bikini, and normal in ancient robes

:iconmetalbolic: : Saber Bride in a busty pin-up

:iconjaypisces: : Bloated/overstuffed Saber Bride

:iconpyxxyl: : Pregnant Lilith

:iconaxlwisp: : Overstuffed Lilith

:iconfetishengineering: : Casual Lilith inflated near bursting point

:iconsidkid44: : Bodysuit Lilith inflated near bursting point

:iconbrandinflateasy: : Lilith and Brandi inflation competition

:iconfutoru-belly-games: : Saber Bride on the verge of bursting

:iconlilluma55: : Lilith inflating Asuka

:iconzahkey: : Kallen Stadtfeld, Saber Bride, and Aki Izayoi expanding

:iconzdemian: : Expanded Kallen; Cowgirl Lilith

:iconmookierific: : Casual and Inflated Lilith; Kallen and Aki expanding

To Be Approved by Artist (Reminder for myself :yum: ):

:iconlaughingnumbernine: :iconpuppiepump101: :iconpaunchee: :iconjassycoco: :iconburninggreenfire:

  • Reading: my notes to make sure i've remembered everyone


I am the Pharaoh!
United States

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